After missing a giant orb of a sun at sunset last night, no pictures, just viewed it through a window, tonight I set out for Bosham Hoe for a repeat performance. I chose the ‘hoe as I wanted to capture the suns reflection, and knew with the height of the tide this would be the best viewpoint.

Well having arrived and got set up, after a couple of shots it soon became obvious that the clouds were not hazy, in fact they were turning out quite nice. The sequence of shots posted here are in the order they were taken, only i’m posting 10 shots not the 100 or so that I took.

1,    Not the shot I was expecting to take tonight, but well happy with the clouds reflection in the water.


2,    Really didn’t expect to see the sun again as it looked like it had disapeared for the night. But it hadn’t and very intense orange light soon bathed the scene.


3 ,    A wider view of the boats after the sun had set.


4,    An even wider view, thinking that we might have seen the best of it, we were now hoping that the sun would catch the underside of the large cloud just above the horizon.


5,   Ever so slowly the light crept up onto the base of the cloud, teasing us, even now we were unaware of the show that was about to begin.


6,    Then all of a sudden – the whole sky lit, reddish pink.


7,    A closer look at the base of the cloud, the intensity of the colours was fantastic.


8,   Slowly, but with absolute certainty the light began to fade away.


9,   Dusk began to fall, still the light show played on, ever changing and evolving.


10,   And Finally, the last shot of the evening, not my favourite this time, any other night I would have been happy with just this one. It was now getting rather dark. The 10 second exposure capturing the movements of the boats.