Bosham sunsets

I think I got out more in November with the camera than I had in the rest of the year. Several of those images taken at the beginning of month were posted in the previous post  ‘By Chance’. So I made 3 visits to the creek in Bosham, part of the Greater Chichester Harbour area  for 3  nights during the month.

The First Evening

 This first visit saw the water like a sheet of glass, the only movement in the water was ripples from my own feet or the odd duck.





Some Swans

The Second Evening

I decided to have a walk over to where the swans were, they hung around in the hope that I had some food for them – I didn’t, which was good as they carried on with their normal behaviour.
For some while I had been watching the colour building on the clouds to the south, my left,  I captured this – The Old School House framed top and bottom with wispy pink clouds.2rocks

Out Of Position

The Third Evening

On this last evening I guessed (wrongly) that the colour would be over to the south as it was last night, see above, couldn’t have been more wrong. 🙂 So I chose to head to the quayside as shown below, having arrived late, by now the sun was sinking fast and having realised my mistake of being in the wrong position I stuck with it along with my decision to use a 24mm prime lens – I had to ‘zoom’ with my feet and was therefore constantly moving position.

A couple from the quayside.

I liked the play of the light on the side of the building in the shot below, the building is black, maybe be painted with some sort of bitumen but with the golden light playing on the sides it looked to me a bit like burning embers.charred

I had to move out as far into the water that my wellie boots would allow before ‘over topping’ to grab the shot below with the widest amount of the suns reflection.

The photog below was perhaps a little more sensible and stayed on dry land.


This last shot of the evening shows how the intensity of the colour lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

Well it’s now December, I wonder what this will bring, very cold for a start. Hopefully the weather will play ball and get some decent photo’s out of it.