On Saturday evening I made a trip over to East Head for a sunset, as i’d never photographed one from there before. The plan was to meet up with fellow photog, Jake. As usual I was late arriving and clouds blotted out the sun, so I had to make do with some intresting clouds, one of which is below.

It was getting to within about 30 minutes or so to sunset and a break was appearing in the cloud cover in the west, shown in  the above image beyond the boat. So we hot footed it over to the harbour entrance, briefly stopping to capture a picture of the red flag.

Almost running from this spot we headed down onto the beach and quickly set up next to the waters edge. From this position we watched the sun set whilst we were shooting numerous shots. Out of these, two in particular caught my eye.

The first, lots of colour in the foreground, and a break in the clouds which actually looks like a bright cloud itself.

The second, has more intense colour in the sky, and a great reflection from the sun on the water and sand.

By now I was getting quite cold as I had been lying down in wet sand next to the waters edge as the camera had been about 6″ from the ground.

The last shot, it was now getting dark, nearly dark enough to require a torch.