Decided to get out with the camera for the second weekend in a row. This time I chose Bosham Creek, friday was the better of the two nights as the tide was higher.

bosWith the right clouds and ‘timed’ with the ‘top of the tide’ you can get some amazing reflections and framing – but sadly not this time, not bad but equally not amazing. One from the Friday evening, the tide was higher but little colour in the sky.

bos5A quick try-out for the first this year with the LEE Big Stopper, but little movement in the clouds and water in this 30s exposure. I quite like the blue colour cast that the ‘Stopper’ gives so I left it in, although toned down somewhat. The lighting and the colours of the buildings was very bold which shows through in this image.

bos6Saturday had very little cloud, but more colour, unfortunately the tide was a little too low but heck, it was a lovely evening. Both a wide view and a narrow view of the same scene. Was not best pleased to see the boat draped in the bunting. 🙁bos6a

Sometime later we get these two images again one wide and one narrow view.bos7
A couple more with more accurate exposure and a hint of blue on the first and less saturation on the second.bos2
And even more later as it was virtually dark this final image.bos4

Hopefully will get out again soon.