I decided to go out with my camera this Saturday evening, as I haven’t been out for several months it was pretty much  a spur of the moment decision, , knowing that the tide would be low I decided to visit Chichester harbour at Itchenor.

itch4The tide was rapidly dropping which ment as more and more of the mud flats were exposed I was costantly having to move my tripod and avoiding the deep glutinous mud sections.itch5The lighting was harsh with strong sunlight in the center left and a cloud bank center right. I do like how the patterns on the water kinda mimic the clouds.

These two whilst simliar have slightly different proccessing and framing.

itch3The last image was taken some 20 minutes after the sun had set and the view is of looking accross the channel to the Pub and ‘hard’ at Itchenor. From this point the passenger ferry can be taken to cross the water.