I managed to get up on to the South Downs the other week and found a magnificent field full of poppies. Unfortunately as is often the case I discovered this field a little after the flowers were at their best.
The first photo pictured with the rainbow was actually the last taken when the flowers were looking rather forlorn.

Following are 3 images, close-ups of the same flower. I took numerous shots of this poppy all varied by the strong wind blowing.



I can’t make my mind up of which I prefer out of No1 or No3.
I love the vibrant colour in this image. (below)

The shape and the whitened edges caught my eye here. (below)

A deep blue striking sky sets off the red of the poppies. (anyone else see an image of an insect in the spent flower on the right? or is just the onset of old age?)

Scattered about the edges of the field were these beautiful purple/pink poppies, they were few in number but added to the beauty of the scene.

And finally, this image I’ve under-exposed it by about a stop and a half, this has enhanced the rich colours and give it a velvety look.

That’s it ’till the next time.
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