Visible Landscape celebrates its 5th birthday in less than 2 months time – 25th Dec. I decided on a revamp and a new look for it and I have been busy recently making some changes to the site and giving it a new and hopefully fresher feel. It is also my intention to start blogging regulary – at least once a week! I’ve got very lazy recently.

vl1old vl

The screenshot on the left (dark grey) shows how it looked shortly after its launch. The site was a mix of html and css with WordPress for the blog, this resulted in two very different looks to it. I found the blog side easier to update but was a pain to format the posts correctly.
The image on the right shows how it looked (3rd incarnation) at the beginning of this year. I think the first theme I used, when the site went all WordPress was the Precisio Pro theme, however, I can’t find a shot of that.
This is now its 4th makeover, below I have captured a current homepage screen shot for posterity.
Over the coming days and weeks I shall add to the galleries, add more blog posts – at least one a week and hopefully finish the articles that I have started writing. Maybe day I will find out how to format the posts/pages so that they display and post correctly in a responsive theme.