It’s been some while since my last post here, some 3 months or more have past. The lack of post’s have been for a variety of reasons, lack of time, work commitments, lack of enthusiasm, poor weather and feeling rather run down. I have been out and about a couple of times since October, but not many and the few images¬† I have made have been posted on Flickr.

These images were taken towards the end of January at East Head, West Sussex.

I visited the area to check out a couple of locations for some night shots, whilst walking around I took these, handheld, but the light was quite intresting, didn’t last long before it clouded over again.

I like the harsh lighting on the sticks and their reflection with the dark cloud overhead.


A slightly different angle and the small post’s reflection almost disappear and the large one’s dominate.


and again here.


Had several attempts at capturing this one, should have used my tripod as I wanted to get down low but didn’t want to kneel as I would have got very wet. This my favourite of the few I took