Everytime I visit Skye I cannot resist the lure of Elgol. This particular trip I visited it on 3 different evenings, the first of which was how I’d always seen it – at low tide.

PBH_140326_25601-5D-Mark-II As nearly always when shooting the water at sunset, I bracket my shots and vary the shutter speed for different motion effects on the water.

Below is one just shot that was from a bracketed sequence which is why it is over exposed – I quite like the ‘overexposed’ look which is why I’ve posted it here.PBH_140330_26745-5D-Mark-II-copy

My second visit of the week was some 5 days later and this time I saw the beach at high tide for the first time.PBH_140330_26835-5D-Mark-II

And on the next day, the 3rd of my tripPBH_140331_27079-5D-Mark-II