I’ve been patiently watching the crops slowly ripen, as a shot of the Windmill, against a blue sky, with white clouds and golden wheat, has been high on my must do list for some time. Well the sun was a bit harsh, (about 1 o’clock to miss the crowds) crops were perfect, not quite the clouds I wanted, but not bad.


The Approach.


The Mill.


The Shot.

To take pictures of the mill face on, you need to go into the farmers field opposite, amongst the crops. Unfortunately there is an old concrete WWII Gun emplacement, right in the optimum position for shooting, pun intended. Saving the day were the poppy’s with their bright red petals to break up the scar.

The image below was one of the last from the session and as thin cloud had spread in from the west, it had softened the harshness of the sun. This about as good as it got.