Went down to Bosham Hoe the other evening on the off chance that it might be a good evening, but the clouds didn’t play ball. Lots of clouds but not in the right places. The big clouds were behind me and overhead, but never really caught the sun and lit up. Nevermind.

Had I nice bit of light on a little cloud as the sun set behind Cobnor Point

As I was about to pack up I noticed how stark the boats looked at Itchenor now the sun had set, whilst watching them, I heard the calls and wingbeats of a flock of seabirds and quickly took this shot, the slow shutter speed making the birds look like streaks of light.

The above shot is about the best from a sequence I took. This time I packed away my gear and took about a dozen steps when I spotted the full moon peering through heavy cloud. Setting up again, I took a further 10 shots or so of the moon before it finally disappeared and then I really did pack up.

One from a previous night……….

Here’s a similar picture to the one on my Flickr Photostream (titled “5 minutes”) of Bosham Harbour but at 65 seconds as opposed to 300 seconds on Flickr.