With the sky brightening and a slim possibility of a sunset, I set off for Birdham as I knew the tide would be out. On arrival both tide and sky were as expected – okay. So I got setup at the end of the walkway and decided I’d capture some of the gentle movements of the boats.


30 second exp.


After a shortwhile the sun burst through with its golden rays. Hard to believe that these were taken seconds apart.


As the sun sunk lower, it’s rays got underneath the clouds setting them ablaze with colour.

With the 24mm lens that I had on the camera I quickly angled the camera upwards at an angle of between 30-40 degrees. This resulted in some of the distortion that can be seen in the boats masts. However it’s the sky that is the subject and not the boats, I’m pleased with the result


After the above lightshow the sun quickly disappeared behind some clouds and in itself led to some quite intense colour as seen below.


By now it was begining to get rather dark, so I made my way back along the path, as I approached the slipway I spotted the scene below, so quickly unpacked my camera gear and took this shot of the sunset reflected in the windows.


Having unpacked the camera gear for the above image I swung the camera around 150 degrees and took the following image, showing the footpath through the mudbanks where I had been shooting from at the waters edge. It was a bit darker than shown in the image.