Had a wander around over the weekend, walked out to the jetty for the foot passenger ferry to Itchenor on Saturday evening.

The sun was still quite high in this one, which is why the light’s very harsh and yellow.


The sun is about to drop down behind the cloud bank that’s on the horizon. The day is ending for a lone oarsman.


The sun has long since set behind the clouds and the light is turning an orange red with purple overtones. The breeze has now dropped and along with the long exposure, has now smoothed out the water.


The following afternoon , sunday, I arrived a bit earlier and had a stroll around the harbour. As it was a nice hot day, I stopped to get an ice-cream from the vender, I soon caught the attention of the swans who thought I had food from them.


A constantly moving swan, combined with a manual focus, 100mm lens almost wide open, caused some difficulty with focusing. The low sun causing their feathers to have a warm glow to them.

The sunset this evening began to look quite promising. Nearly all the pictures taken this evening had visible sensor dust on them, which I don’t think I can remove it satisfactorily.

I have salvaged a few, with these 4 catching my attention, posted in the sequence they were taken.

The sun a nice firey red ball in this one.


Very peacefull scene, should make a nice large print.

I like the light beams in this one


The water now beginning to drop very quickly showing all the weed just below the surface.

And then it was time to pack-up and go home.