Got very lazy recently, forever tired, haven’t posted much nor indeed shot that much. However over the last couple of weeks I’ve forced myself to go out and shoot some pictures. So I’m posting a select few from a couple of visits to both Bosham Harbour and Bosham Hoe in West Sussex, England.

I’ll start with this image shot from the Hoe from my first visit. I very nearly didn’t bother going this particular night as there was heavy cloud cover, but I got lucky with a timely break in the clouds allowing for the sun to break through. A week earlier and the yachts would be missing from the shot. Minutes earlier there was a perfect reflection, but no sun and just as conditions improved a boat moving out of shot on the left caused the ripples that can be seen.

My next visit was even less fruitfull, no sunset to speak of, but a strange intense light long after the sun had set, which lit the buildings at Itchenor as can be seen below. Rather colder than on previous days.

The following 3 images were all shot on my next visit to the harbour, a very calm and warm evening making for a very pleasant experience.

It’s nice to see some lights on in the windows, however some of the streetlights are far too bright and ruin some nightshots.

My next visit promised so much, but delivered little, these 2 caught my eye. The water was mostly smooth as can be seen in the image below, the cloud formation is intresting along with it’s shadow against the colourful sky to the right.

A couple of the boats bathed in the beautiful warm light that eventually spread across the scene.

This brings me to my final image from my most recent visit. I’ve always wanted an image of Bosham with heavy cloud lit from below. This gets me close to the image in mind, but not there yet!